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Hello!  Welcome to Women Consult!

You made it! I’m so glad you find me. This is a blog that aims to bring women of all ages, backgrounds and occupations together. Today, bashing each other online and in real life seems to be the rule. Not here! Here we all are going to share. Share our knowledge, ideas, experiences, everything we want! As a new blogger, people always asks you: “And what will your blog be about(or for you readers familiar with the blogger’s language: which niche will you choose)? Fashion? Makeup? Food? Travel? Make sure you choose a subject you are really passionate about!!!” So if you ask me, I’m really into fitness! I know all to know about the topic. From muscle-building to fat loss (get rid of weight loss idea already), proper nutrition, best lifting techniques for women, best supplements for fit women and workout routines according to your goals. So that is my area of expertise and passion. But guess what? I’m passionate about life too! And life includes so much. As women, we want and need to take care of ourselves, our mind, our body. We also love to take care of our home and family. Make it look nicer. We love clothes, shoes, accessories. We are all busy and we love to find easy solutions to make everyday tasks easier. So that’s what you will find here, not only throughout my content but we all together can learn about our particular interests, like Home, Fashion, Food and Recipes, Fitness and Product Reviews. The goal is that you feel like home on this site, that you get some of your questions answered, pick up some projects, expand your general knowledge, have fun and make new friends. Please enjoy yourself browsing around this site made for you, and don’t forget to subscribe(or to come back), for fresh content every week!

It means the world to me that you visited my site, so THANK YOU!