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My name is Tania Lockhart. I’m married, and soon to be a Goldendoodle mom(Because I will get one somehow). I’m a 20-something Fitness junkie and a Medical Interpreter. I love my job. I get to go to different places everyday, meet new people everyday and drive through different roads every morning, which to me, is priceless. It’s challenging sometimes, like when I have to transmit really bad news to the patients, but also, I have lived really happy moments and the remarkable experience of being present(many times by now) when a baby comes into the world.

So, you might think: if you love your job so much, why starting a blog that is gonna consume so much of your time? Well, simple. I love writing. I was 10 when I wrote my first poem. It was kinda cheesy, but not bad for a 10-year-old. Ever since I have been writing poems, stories, thoughts, but I never had the courage to share or publish anything. My grandfather is a Poet himself. He traveled over many States(in our country) promoting his and other well-known poets and authors’ work.┬áSo, to me, this little space is so special. And I wanna share it with you.

I also love reading, and I know how enjoyable it is to find great content to go through, sometimes for hours. So I wanna create that for you. When you visit this site, you will feel like you just learned something new, practical, that will change your life, even if it is in the smallest possible way.

So, again, feel like at home, be yourself, be real. I will be.