Coconut oil: 5 ways to benefit from it


It appears that coconut oil is trending lately. People swear by its health and beauty benefits. And of course, probably most of us have tried at least one or two of the hundreds of tips and remedies people suggest throughout the web.

But, even though its benefits may be hundreds(I might be exaggerating a bit there), in this post I will share 5 ways to use coconut oil in your favor. Some of these tips are good for your health, and then some of them are gonna make you look great.

In the kitchen. People tend to believe that the healthiest cooking oil is olive oil. And it might as well be. I have read many articles about it and some pick olive oil over coconut oil and vice versa. But let me tell you why I believe that cooking with coconut oil is better for you.

See, 1 serving(around 14 grams) of each oil contain 14 grams of fat. And even though olive oil contains way less saturated fats, the saturated fats found in coconut oil are plant-based and are actually beneficial. One of them(and the main one) is lauric acid. It is a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. So, both oils are healthy, but coconut oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil. So, when we are cooking, oil starts to break down and its structure changes, which can lead to loss of nutrients. So coconut oil is better when cooking foods at high temperature, if you wanna keep its health benefits.

Makeup remover. Now, I know this can sound scary, especially for us ladies with oily skin. And this could be a hit or miss thing, but, trust me, its worth the risk! Most of the girls who have done this swear by its great results. All you have to do is warm the oil on the palm of your hands and massage your entire face and neck with it for a couple of minutes. After that, put a hot(careful not to burn yourself) face cloth on your face for up to 60 seconds(you can put it under hot water running). And let the steam open up your pores. Then all you have to do is wipe off the oil with that same cloth(and repeat this last step at least once more to remove any oil residue). The science after this ‘technique’ is that oil dissolves oil. The coconut oil will dissolve the oil clogged in your pores and you will be able to remove it when you wipe it all off. It works! Try it. I do not even need a moisturizer before bed after this.

Teeth whitening. I am sure you have heard of this one. But I am not talking about oil-pulling. No. This is what you are gonna do. For one part of coconut oil, you are gonna add two of turmeric and make a little paste and brush your teeth with it(I do this after my regular toothpaste) for about a minute or two. It will turn your toothbrush yellow, but your teeth whiter! Give it a try. And do not worry! It doesn’t get messy.

Brush your teeth with coconut oil and turmeric

Hair mask. On a little bowl or plastic container, add one tablespoon of organic coconut oil and one tablespoon of raw honey. Mix them together until you have an almost liquid texture(some people like heating the mixture in a saucepan, but I am able to get the texture needed only by stirring and mixing), and apply it to wet hair from top to bottom, focusing on your hair and not your scalp. Wrap your hair in a bun(or a shower cap) for 30-45 minutes. Wash it out in the shower using your shampoo and conditioner. Do this at least once a week.

Smooth skin. You are gonna love this one. Sometimes the skin on our elbows, knees and heels can turn really rough, like sandpaper. It looks and feels unappealing. Just apply coconut oil on your elbows, knees and heels(or all over your body really) after your shower and gently massage it for a minute. This oil absorbs deeper and smooths your skin leaving it soft and smelling nice.

Apply organic coconut oil after your shower for soft skin

So that’s it guys. Try all this home remedies and let me know how you feel about them after one week or two. I personally can’t live without coconut oil anymore. Can you think of another way to use it? Let me know!


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Make your own coffee station


Me and my husband moved to our new place a month ago. I was very excited because although it is a smaller place, the space is very well distributed and it is really nice. We were both very busy unpacking everything that same weekend.

So, as I was unpacking our kitchen appliances, I noticed there were not enough outlets in the kitchen. Whaaaat?! I have my blender, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker, and I had ONE outlet!!! At first I was very disappointed because I want to have everything at hand and looking nice.

Anyway, I was thinking about a solution to the lack of outlets and, I came up with a pretty good one! I decided to plug the microwave on the only outlet that we have, since it is the only appliance(besides our coffee maker) that we use everyday. We use the toaster only the weekends, and the blender is rarely used.

So, one outlet, two important appliances. Hmm… I decided to make a coffee station in the dining room! And I love how it turned out! So I am gonna share with you everything I have on my coffee station, but you can pretty much make it to fit your taste, space and needs.

First of all, you need either a kitchen island or a cart. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can also use one of the corners there. I used this cart from IKEA (this is not an affiliate link).

Second, you need, guess what? A coffee maker! This one is up to your preferences, but since mine is in the dining room, it would not be practical to be pouring hot water from a glass jar  into the cups or bringing the hot glass jar to the table. So I decided I would give the Keurig k-55coffee maker a try. And we love it so far! I did a lot of research and found out this is the best when it comes to potency, quality, size and practicality. Plus, it is not as expensive as you’d think!

And of course you need your ground coffee, creamer if you like it, sugar packs, or your k-cups. See, with this machine you can either use k-cups or brew your own coffee with the K-Cup Reusable Filter .

And besides those main items you can add whatever you want. In my case I also have:

A coffee mug holder that I got from this Etsy store (not an affiliate link).


K-Cup Holder for easy access. And it looks nice.

I have a Coffee Mugs Set that comes with its rack. It looks really colorful and pretty!


A cute cookie jar. I won’t share a link for this one because you will find it much cheaper at wal mart. I f you like it just look up “Charlie cookie jar” by the pioneer woman. Or, you know, any cookie jar!

A jar with creamer, a jar with sugar packs, and 2 jars with ground coffee and decaf. Napkins, tea bags and cups to go. All I need are some stirrers and I will be good to go!


And this is the finished product (drumroll please):


So, there you have it. It is a good motivation to wake up in the morning to your pretty coffee corner, and when you have friends over they will feel like little kids trying to decide which mug they want to use, and which coffee flavor they’ll have!

Do you have a coffee station? What other ideas do you have? What would you add to mine? Share your thoughts!


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