5 websites to exercise from home


“People will do ANYTHING to lose weight, except for eating healthy and exercise”. It sounds funny but it is so true. I constantly hear conversations about “the magic pill” or these shakes, or those products. And people spend hundreds of dollars in supplements just to feel better about themselves, but more often than not, they end up poorer and fatter.

Now, there is nothing wrong with taking supplements here and there, I have my own stack that you can find here, but we simply cannot rely on supplements only to see results.

There is a lot of information I can go through with you as far as how the body works, but I will stick to the basics since this is not the main subject here. Calories in vs. calories out. That is the logic. Consume more calories than what you spend and you will gain weight. Consume fewer calories than what you consume and you will lose weight.

Of course there are some other factors that affect our body composition, such as what type of foods we consume, how much water do we drink, what type of exercise we do, our age, gender, height, hormones, etc. But we will focus in one aspect now, as I mentioned calories in vs. calories out.

Not all of us have access to a gym, some are even intimidated by the idea of ever stepping into a gym. No worries! There are a lot of options to exercise from home and achieving decent results without spending hundreds in pills and all that other junk. Plus, you won’t have to feel intimidated by all those sexy ladies at the gym. Ready?

1. Fitness Blender

This is my favorite workout website. The workouts are fun, and they have either full body or targeting workouts. The site is managed by the cutest couple and they will make you break a sweat every single time.


This one is in Spanish but it is one of my favorites. It has hundreds of videos categorized in time, difficulty and body part. It also has tons of helpful information about nutrition and tips. And if you do not speak Spanish do not worry, the videos are super easy to follow and you will be having fun no matter what!

3. BodyRock.tv

This website is so awesome too. It has a few different hosts, so you will find the proper workout routine for you. They constantly start challenges so you feel motivated and you need little to no equipment. Try it!

4. Workout Box

You will love this one. They have a lot of workout categories to choose from depending on your goals. They have muscle-building, fat burning, exercise from home, women, etc. They have gym versions too.

5. BeFit

Ok, this is a YouTube channel that has free high-quality workouts featuring the best trainers, like Jillian Michaels. Hundreds of routines depending on your level or goal.

So, that is it guys. No excuses. And remember, burn more calories than you consume with the help of these amazing websites to exercise from home, and start seeing results.

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